2022 Show Hours:
Saturday, January 15 | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday, January 16 | 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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Costume Contests:
Saturday, January 15 | 4:00 PM

Sunday, January 16 | 2:00 PM

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Sikes K Main Events

Hollingsworth A

Hollingsworth B

Sikes Room J

Tabletop Gaming

Sikes Room K Main Events


11 AM - Power Rangers Q&A w/ Catherine Sutherland & Jason Narvy

12 PM - ATHF Q&A w/Dana Snyder & Carey Means

1 PM - My Hero Academia Q&A w/Christopher Wehkamp, Leah Clark, Emily Nieves, Lindsay Seidel, & Katelyn Barr

2 PM - How To Run The Northernmost ComiCon In The World AKA Ben & Brett Try To Convince You To Go To Alaska Next Month

4 PM - Costume Contest


11 AM - Drunk On Disney w/Dana Snyder & Guy Hutchinson

12 PM - Building Costumes for the WWE! w/Mikal Mosley

1 PM - Dragon Ball Super Q&A w/Justin Cook & Alexis Tipton

2 PM - Cosplay Contest

Hollingsworth A


11 AM - Forgotten Theme Parks with Guy Hutchinson

12 PM - Mikal Mosley’s Diversity in Cosplay - Mikal Mosley invites con-goers to discuss diversity within the community in a fun, interactive, and educational experience. An open discussion allows people of color, women, and even members of the LGBTQ community to voice opinions. Since anyone is able to join, it creates an atmosphere of better understanding amongst the nerd community. The panel is full of big topics and includes influences in pop culture that has shaped our reality today.


1 PM - Kevin Pettway’s Humor in Genre Fiction - How can you be funny in your writing, and why would you even want to? This panel examines writing humor from funny books to funny characters, and the differences in between. Break down those barriers in your readers and get them emotionally invested in your dark, gritty stories with laughter!

2 PM - Retro Gaming in 2022: Community-driven advances in technology that bring the classic games of the 80s, 90s, and 00s into 2022.

3 PM - George Lowe Q&A

5 PM - Comedy Show at the Con








11 AM - Exploring Bikini Bottom with Nick Burch - A lighthearted conversation about Spongebob Squarepants with superfan Nick Burch, who hasn't prepared anything for this panel. 

12 PM - CROWDFUNDING 101: Listen to indie comic and soon to be literary creator DAN NOKES give you the basics on running a Kickstarter, Indie Gogo or crowdfunding project from start to finish!


1 PM - Effin Birds: The Bird Cartoon That Facebook Decided Was A Threat To Democracy - What happens when a social media platform mistakenly believes that your comic strip is a foreign influence spreading election misinformation even though it’s just drawings of birds and swear words? Join us for a rollicking Q&A with Aaron Reynolds, writer of the daily cartoon Effin’ Birds, hosted by Florida State Representative Anna V. Eskamani.

Sikes Room J


11:30 AM - Doctor, WHO Gives A Flux? - We've made it to Jodie Whittaker's third series as the Doctor. The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS Radio Show Team hosts this highly interactive panel. We talk about everything about our 13th Doctor. The Good, The Bad and the Tim Shaw.

1:30 PM - Hip-Hop & Anime: Cultures Combined - Through the last decade, Hip-Hop and Anime have consistently crossed paths. This panel will discuss the connections between the two cultures and their impact on their fans.

2:30 PM - Classic games of Mafia - At CFCC 2021 a bunch of people gathered and played mafia for the full day on Sunday. This year, it’s a panel! Come join us as we play a game of mafia. (And yes there will be extra twist on it!)

3:30 PM - WHO Would You Want to be, the Doctor or the Companion? Hosted by The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS Radio Show, this highly interactive panel discusses WHO you'd rather be, the Companion, or the Doctor themselves.

4:30 PM - The Perfect Role: How Character Creation Unlocks a Path to the Ideal Self IRL- Have you ever spent enough time creating the look of your character your whole play session drifted away? What about min-maxing stats? Played as a new or alternate gender identity? Swapped to a new role? All of these choices could be an expression of how you make the game fun, or they could lead to new paths for you to learn about yourself and achieve self-fulfillment. Many psychological theories offer insights into the connection between the psyche and our motivations for life activities. This panel hosted by Dr. Gameology and featuring numerous colleagues and guests from the Gaming Persona podcast will explore the impact of character creation on our connections with ourselves, our games, and our roles we develop across our lives.



10:30 AM - Snapology: Snapology is a new learning concept that combines play with education. We provide a fun,
interactive environment for children to learn science, technology, engineering, art math,
robotics and video game design concepts using LEGO ® bricks, K’Nex and technology. We
do this through after school enrichment programs, summer camps, workshops, birthday
parties, scouting events, field trips, play dates, creative play and custom events! Our
programs are designed for children ages 2-14 and are inclusive.

11:30 AM - Snapology


1:30 PM - The Philosophy of Power in Dragon Ball - With the release of Dragonball Super godhood has become a hot topic of the beloved series. Let’s philosophically examine this hierarchy of power beyond who’s butt Goku could kick.


2:30 PM - Six secrets every author should know - Discuss with aspiring authors the six trade secrets every author should know.

Hollingsworth B


11:30 AM - The Art of Lightsaber Choreography - Come and learn how the cast and crew of the Outer Rim Guilds create lightsaber choreography used in our shows. The panel will demonstrate completed fights and then we will break down the steps used to create the fight.


12:30 PM - Pokémon Trainers Unite - Join PikaBelleChu for another year of Pokémon fun, discussing 26 years of the franchise from the anime, video games, movies, merchandise and more. Partake in trivia and a who's that Pokémon game to win some cool poke prizes. Grab your Pokéball and show your a true Pokémon Master.


1:30 PM - YA author panel - Q and A with Adult and YA authors.


2:30 PM - WRITING FANTASY AND GRAPHIC NOVELS 2.0 - Join author Rod Martinez and a panel of authors as they discuss the ups and downs in what it takes to be a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction writer. If you are working on or thinking of working on a novel or comic, they will cover all the topics you can think of. They will open up to questions, answers, and examples, discuss concept to idea creation and everything in between. Bring a writing tablet.


3:30 PM - Costuming and Prop Creation - Our panel will demonstrate how we create or repurpose existing items into Star Wars props for the Outer Rim Guilds. These techniques and short cuts can be used for a variety of props or costumes you can use for your own cosplay.


4:30 PM - Self Publishing: How to write, tackle, and publish your novel - This panel will talk about how to finish that novel you've been trying to write and the avenues of publishing it

5:30 PM - Amusement Parks and Ale With Guy Hutchinson - Guy Hutchinson talks about cocktails at Disney World! He also chats about the theme parks owned by beer companies as well as some fascinating beer themed rides in Japan and Germany.


11:30 AM - Bobbo's Block Live @ CFCC - This will be a live recording of the Bobbo's Block Podcast in celebration of 8 year anniversary of the show! This show is an explorative look into nerd and geek culture. It covers comics to cosplay, anime,movies, TV and so much in between. The host is your Friendly Neighborhood Nerd Bobbo along with a few friends. We will have Q&A from the audience.


12:30 PM - Lightsaber Spinning for the Tragically Uncoordinated - This interactive panel will teach you how to perform basic and intermediate lightsaber spinning tricks. Simulated sabers are available for those who wish to take part in this panel. Class size may be limited to ensure there is space for everyone to spin safely.

2:30 PM - The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS: A Doctor WHO Podcast - The newest kid on the Doctor WHO radio block is on the air! Join this meet and Geek panel with The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS Radio Show Team and see how they took their passion being WHOvians to a radio show. "I hope we don't lose sight of one thing, it all started with a purchase at Amazon."


Tabletop Gaming (Sikes I):


Game Room Opens 10am, Game times varies. Find DMs for more details.

Board Games with Happy Troll Games
10am – 6pm Saturday & 10am – 4pm Sunday


Magic: the Gathering Commander (EDH)
10am – 6pm Saturday & 10am – 4pm Sunday


Crimson Vow Sealed Tournament
11am Saturday


Super Smash Bro Ultimate Tournament
Registration Starts at 10am, Tournament at Noon


Yu-Gi-Oh No Ban List Tournament
Registration Starts at noon, Tournament at 2pm


Pathfinder Bounty
11am & 3pm Saturday


Starfinder Demo
1pm Saturday & 2pm Sunday


Table Top Games with Party Hero Games
Sunday 1pm – 4pm


Dungeons & Dragons One-Shots
(Rick & Morty, Squid Games, & Lauren’s Sandbox)

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