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23 CFCC Guest Announcements-T KENNY.jpg

Tom Kenny
Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure Time, CatDog, PowerPuff Girls, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends,
Fairly OddParents

*Tom Kenny is appearing
on Saturday Only

23 CFCC Guest Announcements_M MITTELMAN 12-6 (1).png
23 CFCC Guest Announcements-R DAYMOND.png

Max Mittelman
One Punch Man

Robbie Daymond

23 CFCC Guest Announcements-R CHASE.png

Ray Chase

23 CFCC Guest Announcements-LAVA GROUP.png


23 CFCC Guest Announcement - C CHUNG.png
23 CFCC Guest Announcement - L POHL.png

Charlet Chung
Overwatch 1 & 2

Luchie Pohl
Overwatch 1 & 2

23 CFCC Guest Announcements-E MAXWELL.png

Elizabeth Maxwell

23 CFCC Guest Announcements-J LIEBRECHT.png

Jason Liebrecht

23 CFCC Guest Announcement - R BARTLEY.png
23 CFCC Guest Announcement - B MUKAI .png

Ryan Bartley
Demon Slayer

Brent Mukai
Demon Slayer

23 CFCC Guest Announcement - R BUHR.png

Reba Buhr
Demon Slayer

23 CFCC Guest Announcements-LAVA GROUP.png

Landon McDonald

23 CFCC Guest Announcements-T NISHIMURA.png
23 CFCC Guest Announcements-P RUGG.png

Trina Nishimura

Paul Rugg

23 CFCC Guest Announcements-T  RUEGGER.png

Tom Ruegger

23 CFCC Guest Announcement - A REYNOLDS.png

Aaron Reynolds
Effin' Birds


23 CFCC Guest Announcements - D GOVAR.png
23 CFCC Guest Announcement - S CONLEY.png

Daniel Govar

Steve Conley

23 CFCC Guest Announcements - E Z GOODNIGHT.png

Eric Z Goodnight

23 CFCC Guest Announcements - K DYSKTRA.png

Kate Dykstra

23 CFCC Guest Announcements - S ALTIER.png
23 CFCC Guest Announcements - H HESS.png

Steve Atlier

Heidi Hess

23 CFCC Guest Announcements - M PIERRO.png

Martin Pierro

23 CFCC Guest Announcements - G MALLARI.png

GIl Mallari

23 CFCC Guest Announcements - S CASTILLO.png
23 CFCC Guest Announcements - P CARDINALLI.png

Sammy Castillo

Primo Cardinalli

23 CFCC Guest Announcements - D NOKES.png

Dan Nokes


CFCC is dedicated to the memory of our friend, Jason David Frank. We want everyone to remember the love and support that JDF poured into the fan community. 

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