Some of our past GuestS:

George Lowe

(Space Ghost, Robot Chicken)

George Lowe started his career in radio in 1974 while still in High School. Even then he was known for breaking rules by inserting fake commercials in pre-recorded programming. He moved to WUSF in Tampa while in college, first the FM station then television. 

The next few years he bounced from Q-105 to Magic 96 then it was off to Lakeland, Florida to help a start-up television station get off the ground. He moved to Atlanta in August of 1988 to take a morning show there from worst to first. 

In 1993, after a stint doing promos at TBS, TNT and Turner Home Entertainment, George became the voice of Space Ghost for 11 years in Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Cartoon Planet, and the Brak Show. 

Today, George is still producing commercials and voicing television and radio out of his house, and he still produces art which is in several major museum collections including the High Museum in Atlanta, The St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, The Georgia Museum, and The Foundation for the Advancement of Self-Taught Art.

Steve Conley

Steve is the cartoonist behind a number of cartoon projects including The Middle AgeAstounding Space ThrillsBLOOPThe Kid Knight, and others.

Steve is a also a web designer responsible for the design of the original and web sites. Steve has gone on to create hundreds of sites, logos and illustrations for organizations of all sizes including Universal Studios, McGraw-Hill Education, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, TIME magazine, The Wallace Foundation, DC Comics, The Inter-American Development Bank, The Washington Post, The World Bank, and many, many others.

Daniel Govar

Daniel has worn many hats over the years; Animator for SYFY, Programmer/Director of Interactive children’s media, Creative director of a media firm, comic creator, illustrator, and father. His clients have included Marvel, Sony, DC, Valiant, Dynamite, Amazon, Heavy Metal, and Naamco/Bandai. He’s worked on major properties in a variety of capacities; as an animator, an interior and cover artist, a storyboarder, and as a concept artist. Some properties include The Avengers, Captain America, Wolverine, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-man, Punisher, Grimm, Thanos, and Lord of the Rings. He illustrates the self-published comics Lovecraft, Relaunch, and So Dark. He has also done covers recently for Valiant and has 2 other creator-owned projects in production. Daniel’s illustration work is in everything from watercolor, pencil, ink and traditional mediums to Digital.

Castillo Studios

Tommy and Sammy Castillo have been in the illustration industry a combined 46+ years. Together they have put paint and pencil to such projects as Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Tales from the Crypt, Green Arrow, Toetags, Horror legend George Romero, and various storyboards and designs for films. They have also worked with: Strathmore Artist Papers, DC Comics, Regal Cinemas, Paramount Pictures, Hasbro. Since Tommy’s passing in 2017, Sammy mans the helm of their Studio now and continues on with their projects and legacy under the flag of Castillo Studios. When not on the road at conventions you can find Sammy in her studio likely live streaming regaling her viewers with tales and adventures.

Kate Carleton

Kate is a freelance illustrator and full time graphic designer from Tampa, FL. Her clients include Fanatics, Harley Davidson, Topps, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic, Zenescope, DC Comics, Marvel, Netflix, and Cartoon Network just to name a few. She has done work on licensed sketch card sets, color work in comics, as well as getting published recently by Del Rey/ Printed in Blood/ Netflix's Visions From the Upside Down : Stranger Things Art Book. 

Josh Dykstra (Okay Stuff)

Josh is a designer who focuses on enamel pins. He likes to make new innovative pins and some times collaborates with his wife Kate Carleton. 

He also loves exploring other mediums like 3D Printing, video editing, writing and drawing. He first started out making comics with his wife. Their biggest series they made was Facebeast which was a Staff Pick on Kickstarter. He also made his own comics as well. 

Eric Z Goodnight

Eric is a professional artist born and educated in the Carolinas. He's worked for 13 years as art director, designer, and illustrator, with work for international clients in all 50 states and destinations abroad.

Currently based out of St Petersburg, Florida, Eric is making a mark on the local graffiti-style mural scene, where he created murals during the inaugural first years of Tampa Bay's first mural festival, Tampa Bay Fresh Fest.

Eric is a collaborator with the likes of the Chicago's legendary Screwball Press, and renown French surreal digital painter, Bernard Dumaine. Occasionally, you can find Eric touring the national comic convention scene to promote his independent comic projects and hand-printed screenprint posters. He currently is a working artist in the studios of the Pinellas Arts Village, where you can find his studio on Park Blvd.

Eric's artwork comes from a place of both high and lowbrow artistic interests; he is as likely to be inspired by French comic artists, Viennese Art Nouveau, or Japanese professional wrestling. You can see his work at:;; 

Instagram/Twitter @ezgoodnight

John Crowther

John Crowther is an award-winning freelance comic book writer and professional wrestling historian. He has created and written series for several publishers, most notably "Blizzard" for Heavy Metal Magazine, "Rochelle," "Exciting Comics," and "Horror Comics" for Antarctic Press, and a collection of authorized biographical wrestling series for Squared Circle Comics.

Hocus Pocus Comics

Launched in January 2017, Hocus Pocus Comics was founded by Harvey and Eagle Award-nominated writer, Dwight L. MacPherson, and his wife, NAACP Award –nominated producer, Rebecca MacPherson, to create magical stories that anyone can read. After they were contacted by several Educators about their graphic novels being used in classroom curriculum, they decided to widen their original plan to include equipping parents of reluctant readers and teachers with captivating media that educates and inspires.  


Hocus Pocus Comics has been awarded a 2019 Maker of Note award from The Lakelander Magazine. Their flagship title, The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe, won the BareBones Entertainment 2017 Comic Book of the Year, which was followed by their second graphic novel, ELEVATOR, published in 2018. Their third graphic novel, Houdini’s Silver Dollar Misfits, will be published on Amazon in January 2020. Hocus Pocus Comics will continue to publish stories that will fuel the imaginations of the next generation of readers. For more information, please visit

Jeff Balke

Jeff Balke is an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, colorist and producer/director who created his own animation studio, Jeff Balke Studios, which focuses on 2D Animation (including CEL Animation). All characters and stories are created by Jeff himself. In addition to creating animation, his studio also produces weekly Comic Strips coming in 2020 and debuting their first kids books in the Summer of 2020. The Studio was founded in 2015 while Jeff was working as an Award Winning Comic Book Colorist. He’s worked on hundreds of comic books, and has worked with companies such as Marvel, Image, Zenescope, and Storm King  Productions just to name a few. Jeff has also been nominated twice for the Eagle Awards for Best Comic Book Colorist, and won the Shel Dorf Award in 2011 for Colorist of the Year. In 2007 he created Sketch Coloring™ (HIS version of commissions) where he hand colors using markers on most anything black and white (comic covers, print, poster etc.) making what’s colored POP right off that piece but leaving some of the piece black and white, so you get the best of both worlds. This makes each piece a one of a kind unique piece.

Daniel Dulitzky

Daniel entered the Comic Book world recently, after years of working in the Gaming and Animation industry as an Illustrator Concept Artist and Art Director for companies like Fantasy Flight Games and Sega. Daniel collaborated with Creature Entertainment on a number of projects and fell in love with the comic world and culture, creating art for collectors and publishers like Creature Entertainment and most recently Image Comics.

Mark Pennington

Mark Pennington was born and raised in northern Ohio, his love for comics, sci fi and fantasy started early as a child. 

After high school he joined the Army for three years, got married, and went to the Joe Kubert school of Cartoon and Graphic art. After graduation he got a call from Hasbro, they needed a new concept artist for the G.I. Joe action figures. After two and a half years at Hasbro he started his freelance art career. He broke in at DC as an inker and spent the next 30 years working for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW and many others.

During this time, he also illustrated various card art, designed toys and children’s books.

The last few years he has been moving away from comics and concentrating on portrait, landscapes and fine art.


Mark Pennington “wanted to be Tarzan, had to settle for artist”

Elliot Fernandez

Elliot Fernandez is a Tampa based American illustrator, storyboard artist, concept artist, comic book and cover artist.


Elliot is best known for his contributions to DC's Harley Quinn, Dynamites Army of Darkness, and Archie Comics Riverdale and Jughead as well as his work with MARVEL Animation.

Jose Varese

Jose’s passion for art and design can be traced back to his early childhood when his parents would ground him repeatedly for drawing on his bedroom wall. They soon discovered Jose’s creative potential and encouraged him to develop his talents. Since then, Jose has continued to hone his skills as an illustrator, winning regional and national competitions and collaborating with local Miami artists and community businesses. Jose’s style ranges from traditional drawing and painting to comic book art and graphic design. In 2009, Jose partnered with Creature Entertainment, becoming there Art Director and Lead Artist for The Gun and Ravenous. Jose has also worked on other indie titles such as The Mighty Titan, Soulfire “The Dying of the Light,” and Soulfire “Hope.”, The Faro Chronicles, Light Earth, Alpha and The Beach Chronicles. Currently, Jose is working on expanding his brand within mainstream comics, as well as developing outside projects within the field of gaming and motion pictures to name a few.

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